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Clinical Cases in mineral and bone metabolism
Last issue of Clinical Cases in mineral and bone metabolism

Clinical Cases in mineral and bone metabolism

Official Journal of the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Medicine (OrtoMed)

The Journal encourages the submission of case reports and clinical vignettes that provide new and exciting insights into the pathophysiology and characteristics of disorders related to skeletal function and mineral metabolism and/or highlight pratical diagnostic and /or therapeutic considerations

Contributions appearing in this journal are indexed and abstracted in PubMed Central, Scirus, Scopus, Scimago, Google Scholar, All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information - Viniti (Moscow) and in the Elsevier’s Bibliographic Database (Amsterdam)

Vol. XIII (No. 3) 2016 October - December

  1. From the Editor-in-Chief
    Brandi M.L.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.169
  2. Natural mineral waters: chemical characteristics and health effects
    Quattrini S., Pampaloni B., Brandi M.L.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.173
  3. Microelements for bone boost: the last but not the least
    Della Pepa G., Brandi M.L.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.181
  4. A retrospective study on screening and management of osteoporosis in breast cancer women treated with aromatase inhibitors in Libya
    Saaddedin Abushwereb H., Elhabash M., Elhamshari S., Eshaefi H.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.186
  5. The relationship between vitamin D receptor (VDR) polymorphism and the occurrence of osteoporosis in menopausal Iranian women
    Dabirnia R., Mahmazi S., Taromchi A., Nikzad M., Saburi E.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.190
  6. Denosumab is really effective in the treatment of osteoporosis secondary to hypogonadism in prostate carcinoma patients? A prospective randomized multicenter international study
    Doria C., Tranquilli Leali P., Solla F., Maestretti G., Balsano M., Scarpa R.M.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.195
  7. Safety and effectiveness of teriparatide vs alendronate in postmenopausal osteoporosis: a prospective non randomized clinical study
    Caggiari G., Tranquilli Leali P., Mosele G.R., Puddu L., Badessi F., Doria C.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.200
  8. “Atypical” atypical femur fractures and use of bisphosphonates
    van de Laarschot D.M., Somford M.P., Jager A., Oei E.H., Bos P.K., Zillikens M.C.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.204
  9. Atypical periprosthetic acetabular fracture in long-term alendronate therapy
    Marongiu G., Capone A.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.209
  10. Mesenchymal stem cells in post-surgical cavities of large maxillary bone lesions
    Bertolai R., Catelani C., Signorini M., Rossi A, Giannini D.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.214
  11. Hydroxyapatite in total hip arthroplasty. Our experience with a plasma spray porous titanium alloy/hydroxyapatite double-coated cementless stem
    Castellini I., Andreani L., Parchi P.D., Bonicoli E., Piolanti N., Risoli F., Lisanti M.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.221
  12. Fix and replace; an emerging paradigm for treating acetabular fractures
    Murphy C.G., Carrothers A.D.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.228
  13. Safety and efficacy of vertebroplasty in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: a prospective multicenter international randomized controlled study
    Tranquilli Leali P., Solla F., Maestretti G., Balsano M., Doria C.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.234
  14. Long-term outcome of grade III and IV chondral injuries of the knee treated with Steadman microfracture technique
    Pellegrino M., Trinchese E, Bisaccia M., Rinonapoli G., Meccariello L., Falzarano G., Medici A., Piscitelli L., Ferrara P., Caraffa A.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.237
  15. Successful neridronate therapy in pregnancy-associated osteoporosis
    Gaudio A., Erio Fiore C.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.241
  16. Two cases of pregnancy- and lactation- associated osteoporosis successfully treated with denosumab
    Sánchez A., Zanchetta M.B., Danilowicz K.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.244
  17. Malabsorption syndrome as a rare cause of nephrocalcinosis
    Abreu R., Bento C., Oliveira L., Morgado T.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.247
  18. Craniofacial fibrous dysplasia Report of a case with diverse radiological spectrum
    Rajesh Punyani S., Srivastava S., Ramesh Jasuja V.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.249
  19. Prompt clinical and biochemical response to denosumab in a young adult patient with craniofacial fibrous dysplasia
    Eller-Vainicher C., Rossi D.S., Guglielmi G., Beltramini G.A., Cairoli E., Russillo A., Mantovani G., Spada A., Chiodini I.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.253
  20. Bone scintigraphy of severe hypercalcemia following simvastatin induced rhabdomyolysis
    Mirza Z.B., Hu S., Amorosa L.F.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.257
  21. Recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis: a rare presenting manifestation of primary hyperparathyroidism
    Rajput R., Mittal A., Singh J., Dalal S., Vohra S.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.262
  22. Femoral neck's fracture in Fahr's Syndrome: case report
    Sallì M., D'Arienzo A., Bonanno M., Morello S., Sanfilippo A., Letizia Mauro G., D'Arienzo M.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2016.13.3.265

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  1. Disuse osteoporosis of the upper limb: assessment of thirty patients
    Giannotti S., Bottai V., Dell'osso G., De Paola G., Bugelli G., Pini E., Guido G.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.129
  2. Painful prosthesis: approaching the patient with persistent pain following total hip and knee arthroplasty
    Piscitelli P., Iolascon G., Innocenti M., Civinini R., Rubinacci A., Muratore M., D’Arienzo M., Tranquilli Leali P., Carossino A.M., Brandi M.L.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.097
  3. Fall prevention in the elderly
    Ungar A., Rafanelli M., Iacomelli I., Brunetti M.A., Ceccofiglio A., Tesi F., Marchionni N.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.091
  4. To prevent the osteoporosis playing in advance
    Colì G.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.083
  5. Inside the “fragile” infant: pathophysiology, molecular background, risk factors and investigation of neonatal osteopenia
    Dokos C., Tsakalidis C., Tragiannidis A., Rallis D.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.086
  6. Current medical treatment strategies concerning fracture healing
    Giannotti S., Bottai V., Dell'osso G., Pini E., De Paola G., Bugelli G., Guido G.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.116
  7. The second hip fracture in osteoporotic patients: not only an orthopaedic matter
    Scaglione M., Fabbri L., Di Rollo F., Bianchi M.G., Dell'Omo D., Guido G.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.124
  8. Porous metal for orthopedics implants
    Matassi F., Botti A., Sirleo L., Carulli C., Innocenti M.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.111
  9. Biomechanical analysis and rehabilitation in athletes
    Pastorelli F., Pasquetti P.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.096
  10. From the Editor-in-Chief
    Brandi M.L.
    doi: 10.11138/ccmbm/2013.10.2.079